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Enchanting Bolgheri

Located in the hinterland of the Etruscan Coast, Bolgheri is a village with a thousand wonders to discover. Its Viale dei Cipressi has become a real Tuscan icon, which is part of the common imagination of travelers from all over the world, almost 5 kilometers of road along it, but there is not only this ...

Bolgheri is a place to "taste", where the slow pace of life of a soft and intense countryside is intertwined with the infinite movement of the sea, giving inimitable aromas and flavors.

Its microclimate between sea and hills is indisputably unique. The territory within which the production of DOC Bolgheri wines is allowed coincides with the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci, it is a natural theater, where the Metalliferous Hills represent the steps to the East, arriving with their lower offshoots to the coast. The hilly areas are mostly covered by woods, thus ensuring the maintenance of a complex ecosystem. The flatter area where most of the vineyards grow, instead, extends into the arena, while the stage on which Bolgheri overlooks is the sea, dominated by the profiles of the Tuscan archipelago and on the horizon of Corsica.

There are many excellent Bolgheri Doc productions that represent the long and important historical path in the Tuscan and Italian wine life.

This year we have added a new jewel to the existing labels

IL SEGGIO Bolgheri Rosso DOC produced by Poggio al Tesoro

Al Seggio is a Bolgheri Rosso to fall in love with. The savory Mediterranean freshness, prerogative of the good wines of the area, blends with a great structure and body. The sip becomes easy but long and intense. Not to be missed.

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