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Nothing comes between Me and my Sbriciolona…❤️

Fat and lean pork meat minced into medium/large grain, salt, pepper, red wine and obviously wild fennel seeds and a short seasoning (about a month) for the Queen of Tuscan cured meats, the Sbriciolona.

Its fundamental characteristic is in Italian “sbriciolarsi” (to crumble), hence the term of Sbriciolona. Its personality is so strong that in a sandwich she tasty "lives" alone without adding any other ingredient. I find it a “must eat” in Tuscany and an essential in my chopping boards for its softness, for its unique taste and for its heritage of tuscan tradition.

Did you know that her origins date back to the late Middle Ages, most likely in the Florentine countryside, and perhaps precisely in the Greve in Chianti area? And as with any self-respecting great product, there are many legends: among many, it seems that Sbriciolona was used by some wine merchants of the time who made extensive use of it to affect the taste of potential buyers of their faulty wines… the Fennel seeds are rich in anethole, a sort of natural anesthetic for the taste buds especially in the presence of alcohol.

Incredible right?

And have you ever tasted it?

I just added it to our shop, in a vacuum pack.

The format is large, but we could not do otherwise for various reasons, first and foremost the correct vacuum packing.

But I am convinced that once in your house it will be over in an instant!

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