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Thanks to many years of activity in tourism and wine, we can offer, upon request, exclusive services that are personalized and tailor-made according to the needs of customers. Our professionalism and passion  allows us to offer quality and excellence in all experiences and services. 


The villas in Tuscany are absolutely wonderful and offer splendid environments and breathtaking views.

After an intense day spent between excursions and shopping, why not try toplan a tailor-made tasting directly at home and relax while tasting the best wines of the Tuscan territories? 

Write to us, describing your needs and we will send you our personalized proposal, where you can choose from the solutions that best suit your needs.

Operational service for both individuals and agencies

Wine and Cheese


If you are planning your stay in Tuscany with your friends, nothing better once you arrive than to find already at home, aselection of Tuscan wines, ready to welcome you and make your arrival in our magnificent region even more pleasant. 

Write to us, describing your needs and we will send you a personalized Wine List, where you can choose from the wines that we will offer you.

Operational service for both private clients and agencies


Sounds easy... but it's not!

Finding the right pairing path that manages not to preclude any nuance of food and wine and at the same time excite the palate is not simple and requires extensive knowledge of the proposed wine, the paired food and the customer's taste expectations. 

Do you want excellence in a dinner you are about to organize and do you need a menu that can amaze your guests?

Do you need to perfectly make a Tuscan recipe that you adore and do you want to know the "secret" techniques of the ancient regional tradition? 

Write to us, describing your needs and we will offer you cooking handouts made especially for you or a video course in which you can interact directly by preparing the recipe with us! 

Operational service for both private individuals and agencies


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