Pecorino aged in Straw and Hay

€ 27.00 Kg

Whole wheel - kg. 2.6 about

A quarter wheel about 0.650 kg

Pecorino produced in Tuscany which completes its maturation under the hay . This process that has ancient origins fully enhances the aromas and perfumes.

Hay maintains the ideal temperature and humidity level in the delicate ripening process of the cheese.

Pecorino aged in Straw and Hay

  • Pasteurized sheep's milk, cow lactic ferments, rennet and salt. Surface treated with olive oil. Inedible rind.

  • Accompanied with ripe fruit such as pears, apples and white grapes, delicious with black olives dressed with orange peel, garlic , parsley and olive oil . Recommended with Tuscan bread and slices of finocchiona or capocollo which, being very spicy, enhance the taste.
    To be served with full-bodied red wines or dark beer that goes well with the scent of hay and freshly cut grass that characterize this product.


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