Pecorino Barricato in Walnut Leaves

€ 33.00 / Kg

Whole wheel - kg. 1.4 approximately

A quarter wheel - 0.350 kg

Pecorino produced in Tuscany and aged in barrique with walnut leaves that release their oil and flavor this extraordinary cheese in an enveloping way.

The stay inside the barriques with little oxygen in addition to giving an intense aroma to our pecorino, makes the dough very crumbly and the white flakes have a marked walnut aftertaste .

Pecorino Barricato in Walnut Leaves

  • Sheep's milk, selected lactic ferments, rennet, salt. Covered on the surface with walnut leaves. Inedible rind.

  • It is excellent consumed in purity , but it certainly deserves to be tried with dried fruit in honey such as walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. Perfect combination with figs , raisins and chestnuts , very suitable for flakes on a bed of thin slices of raw porcini with a drizzle of olive oil. Paired with dry whites and pinot and in the sweet version with passito or vin santo .


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