Pecorino Fior di Seggiano - whole wheel

Average whole wheel - kg. About 1.7 - Small whole wheel about 0.5 kg (€ 23.00 kg)

Fior di Seggiano is a pecorino of medium maturation between 50 and 60 days of maturation, which already has distinctive taste and aroma characteristics. Like all our products, it is immediately recognizable by the white color of its very homogeneous paste and by the intense scent of milk; the taste is sweet , but well marked despite its young age. Very versatile in use and combinations.

Pecorino Fior di Seggiano - whole wheel

  • Sheep's milk, selected lactic ferments, rennet, salt. Inedible tart.

  • Perfect match with coarse-grained Tuscan salami , local ham and wild boar . Its taste is enhanced both by fresh pears and apples and by boiled or grilled vegetables . The most suitable jam is certainly that of citrus fruit or alternatively honey
    of strawberry tree . Delicious appetizer with boiled biscuits and red wine jelly .
    Light red wines or light beer amplify the aromas.


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