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this page contains everything that we can send to the USA at the moment, if you have specific requests please write to us via e-mail at or via whatsapp at +39 335 5223125

2 shipments available


It is the least expensive, but the least fast (about 60 working days to receive the products) that always arrive packaged and carefully preserved by courier directly to your home. The minimum order is 12 bottles

12 bottles €. 70.00

18 bottles €. 100.00

24 bottles €. 130,00 *



It is a classic shipment of bottles of wine to individuals which has shorter reception times (about 25 working days )

The minimum order is 6 bottles

6 bottles €. 80.00

12 bottles €. 130.00

18 bottles €. 190,00 *

* the subsequent rates can be viewed in the shopping cart