Vinaino's Wines on Tap

We select only high quality bulk wines mainly from the Tuscany region.They are red, white and rosé.


Our wines are NOT commercial and they can't be found in large-scale distribution.Our personal selection is not small and this allows us to follow always taste and excellence.

We have chosen to focus on quality over quantity and we are proud of this. This is more difficult and hard to manage, but allows us to get great satisfaction from our customers.


We package 3 and 5 liter bags in boxes (10 and 20 liters only on request).

The boxes are on sale only at our store in Greve in Chianti and in our online store.


We ship throughout Italy, Europe and the United States.

If your country of residence is not included in the shipping locations provided by the shop, write us an email to vinainodigreve @ gmail for all the informations

The change of the world over the last twenty years has radically changed the perception of the concept of wine. It is no longer considered strictly as a food, but as an increasingly sophisticated voluptuous optional. People has started to drink it at every meal and not occasionally.

So our WINE ON TAP is perfect for every day. You will drink an easy wine, but you will appreciate the quality. And you can drink it, every day, without spending a lot of money. 


QUALITY, PLEASURE and ELEGANCE are our primary selection criteria

La parola ai clienti...


John, customer from Connecticut - Usa

“A charming small wine and eatery shop. An excellent selection of local wines and very generous and tasty plate of cold cuts. And the hostess was a real charm. Highly recommended”


Molly, customer from Uk

“The ambience was lovely, the owner was great and gave good advice re the wine.
The beautiful golden retriever was a lovely addition.
Thank you for recommending the wine. It arrived home to England in one piece and will be enjoyed on Christmas day with family.”


Alice, customer from Italy

“Per una degustazione di vini , ci hanno consigliato un vino super buono , ci hanno portato un sacco di assaggi della casa. Se andate a Greve in Chianti , non potete non passare di qua”


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